Group list


Principal investigator University/Department Topic
Airaksinen, Matti Helsinki, Instit. Biomedicine Neurobiology of KCC2 and LRRTM family proteins
Airavaara, Mikko Helsinki, Instit. Biotechnology Neuroprotection and neurorestoration
Ala-Laurila, Petri Aalto and Helsinki Retinal signal processing mechanisms
Alho Kimmo Helsinki, Instit. Behavioral Sci. Attention and memory
Andressoo, Jaan-Olle Helsinki, Instit. Biotechnology A new approach to study gene function in vivo
Arumäe, Urmas Helsinki, Instit. Biotechnology Molecular and cellular mechanisms of programmed neuronal death
Baumann Marc Helsinki, Instit. Biomedicine Protein chemistry and proteomics
Brattico Elvira Aarhus, Helsinki and Aalto Neuroaesthetics of music
Carlson, Synnöve Helsinki and Aalto Neurophysiology of memory and pain
Castrén Eero Helsinki, Neuroscience Center Neuronal plasticity in adult brain
Castrén Maija Helsinki, Instit. Biomedicine Molecular mechanisms underlying neurodevelopmental disorders
Di-Poi, Nicolas Helsinki, Instit. Biotechnology Regenerative biology
Donner Kristian Helsinki, Dept. Biosciences Visual Neurophysiology
Eriksson, Peter Helsinki, Hjelt Institute
Alcohol and addiction
Forss, Nina Aalto and HUCH Chronic and intensive pain
Fortunato, Santo Aalto, Dept. Computer Science Complex systems
Gahmberg Carl G. Helsinki, Dept. Biosciences Leukocyte adhesion and signalling
Goldman Adrian Helsinki, Dept. Biosciences Receptors and membrane proteins
Heino Tapio Helsinki, Dept. Biosciences Actin binding proteins in development
Heinämaa Sara Helsinki, Dept. Philosophy Ethics of renewal
Hennah William Helsinki, Instit. Molec. Medicine Psychiatric genetics
Hotulainen Pirta Helsinki, Neuroscience Center Dendritic spine structural plasticity
Hovatta Iiris Helsinki, Dept. Biosciences Neurogenomics
Huttunen Henri Helsinki, Neuroscience Center Molecular mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases
Hyvärinen Aapo Helsinki, Dept. Computer Sci. Neuroinformatics
Hyytiä, Petri Helsinki, Instit. Biomedicine Neuroimaging in animal models of addiction
Ilmoniemi Risto Aalto, NBE Electromagetic brain imaging and stimulation
Jousmäki, Veikko Aalto, NBE, ANI Human systems neuroscience
Järvelä Irma Helsinki, Dept. Med. Genetics Biological basis of musical traits
Jääskeläinen Iiro Aalto, NBE Auditory cognitive neuroscience
Kaila Kai Helsinki, Dept. Biosciences
Neuronal signaling
Kajander, Tommi Helsinki, Instit. Biotechnology Structural biology of cell surface interactions
Kalso Eija Helsinki, Instit. Clin. Medicine Pain medicine
Kaprio Jaakko Helsinki, Hjelt Institute Genetic epidemiology
Kaski, Kimmo
Aalto, Dept. Computer Science Complex networks
Khirug Leonard Helsinki, Neuroscience Center In vivo microscopy
Korhonen, Laura Helsinki, Instit. Biomedicine Synaptic signaling and neurodegeneration
Korpi Esa Helsinki, Instit. Biomedicine Neuropharmacology
Koskelainen, Ari Aalto, NBE Cellular biophysics
Krause Christina M. Helsinki, Instit. Behavioral Sci. Human memory, language, brain oscillations and cognitive processes
Kujala Teija Helsinki, Instit. Behavioral Sc. Brain plasticity, speech perception and its impairments
Kukkonen Jyrki Helsinki, Dept. Veterinary. Sci. Orexins and orexin receptors
Laakso, Aki Helsinki, Instit. Clin. Medicine Cerebrovascular diseases
Lampinen, Jouko Aalto, Dept Computer Science Neural networks in modelling and pattern recognition
Lauri Sari Helsinki, Neuroscience Center Synaptic development and plasticity
Lehesjoki Anna-Elina Helsinki, Neuroscience Center Molecular basis of human inherited disorders
Lehtonen Minna Helsinki, Instit. Behavioral Sci. Neurocognition of language
Li Tian Helsinki, Neuroscience Center Neural regulation of the immune system
Linden Anni-Maija Helsinki, Instit. Biomedicine Neuropharmacology
Lindholm Dan Helsinki, Instit. Biomedicine Signaling mechanisms in neurodegenerative diseases
Mäkelä Jyrki Helsinki, BioMag Laboratory Medical imaging
Nissilä Ilkka Aalto, NBE Near-infrared tomography
Nummenmaa, Lauri Aalto, NBE Neurocognitive mechanisms of emotions
Näätänen Risto Helsinki, Instit. Behavioral Sci. Cognitive neuroscience, mismatch negativity
Onkamo Päivi Helsinki, Dept. Biosciences Genetic bioinformatics
Palotie Aarno Helsinki, Instit. Molec. Medicine Genomics of neurological disorders
Palva J. Matias Helsinki, Neuroscience Center Human systems neuroscience
Palva Satu Helsinki, Neuroscience Center Cognitive neuroscience
Panula Pertti Helsinki, Instit. Biomedicine
Modulatory neurotransmitter systems and their role in brain diseases
Parkkonen, Lauri Aalto, NBE Neuroimaging methods
Paunio Tiina Helsinki, Instit. Clin. Medicine Molecular mechanisms for disturbed mood and sleep
Pertovaara Antti Helsinki, Instit. Biomedicine Neurophysiology of chronic pain
Pirvola, Ulla
Helsinki, Dept. Biosciences Inner ear development
Poutiainen Erja Helsinki, Instit. Behavioral Sci. Clinical neuropsychology
Pylkkänen Paavo Helsinki, Dept. Philosophy Philosophy of cognitive science
Raivio, Taneli Helsinki, Instit. Biomedicine Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) secreting neurons
Rantamäki Tomi Helsinki, Dept. Biosciences Neuronal plasticity in adult brain 
Rauvala Heikki Helsinki, Neuroscience Center Mechanisms of neuronal development and plasticity
Rinne Teemu Helsinki, Instit. Behavioral Sci. Human auditory cortex
Rossi, Jari Helsinki, Instit. Biomedicine Regulation of energy balance by neuronal mechanisms
Rivera Claudio Helsinki, Neuroscience Center Neurotrophic factors and chloride homeostasis
Runeberg-Roos, Pia Helsinki, Instit. Biotechnology Neurotrophic factors and Parkinson’s disease
Saarma Mart Helsinki, Instit. Biotechnology Molecular and cellular mechanisms and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases
Salmelin, Riitta Aalto, NBE Imaging language
Salminen, Outi Helsinki, Div. Pharmacology
Nicotinic acetylcholine receptors and nicotine-opioid interactions
Sams Mikko Aalto, NBE Cortical processing of speech sounds
Saramäki, Jari Aalto, Dept Computer Science Complex networks
Service Elisabet Helsinki, Instit. Behavioral Sci. Working memory and cognition
Stenberg Tarja Helsinki, Instit. Biomedicine Sleep research
Suvisaari, Jaana National Inst. Health, Welfare Mental health problems and substance abuse
Särkämö Teppo Helsinki, Instit. Behavioral Sci. Brain and music
Taira Tomi Helsinki, Dept. Veterinary Biosci. Synaptic development and plasticity
Tervaniemi Mari Helsinki, Instit. Behavioral Sci. Mechanisms of human auditory cognition, emotion and expertise
Tuominen Raimo Helsinki, Div. Pharmacology Pharmacology of degenerative brain diseases
Tyynismaa Henna Helsinki, RPU/Molecular Neurology
Mitochondrial disease and neuropathy
Vainio Martti Helsinki, Instit. Behavioral Sci. Speech sciences
Vainio Outi Helsinki, Dept. Small Animal Med. Canine cognition and affective states
Vanhatalo, Sampsa Helsinki, Instit. Clinical Medicine Neonatal neurophysiology
Vanni, Simo
Helsinki, Neurology Research Unit Vision systems neuroscience
Virta, Maarit Helsinki, Instit. Behavioral Sci. Clinical neuropsychology
Voikar Vootele Helsinki, Neuroscience Center Role of genetic background and sex in mouse behaviour
Voipio Juha Helsinki, Dept. Biosciences Biophysical mechanisms in synaptic and nonsynaptic transmission
Voutilainen, Merja Helsinki, Institute of Biotechnology Neurotrophic factors and neurodegenerative diseases (ALS and Parkinson’s disease)
Åkerman, Karl Helsinki, Instit. Biomedicine TRPC channels in differentiating neuronal stem cells