Doctoral program Brain & Mind (B&M) is a PhD program based on a multidisciplinary network of leading neuroscience research groups at the Universities of Helsinki and Aalto University. In the University of Helsinki, B&M is one of the doctoral programs of the Doctoral School of Health Sciences and a cross-campus program represented by 6 Faculties and 3 independent institutes. In Aalto University, B&M is part of the Doctoral Programme of School of Science.

Current lists of B&M affiliated research groups and registered doctoral students

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Research and PhD training in the B&M is based on multidisciplinary work within all disciplines that are relevant in neurosciences, including the following: cellular and molecular neuroscience, transport physiology, electrophysiology of cells and networks, developmental neurobiology, neurobiology at the systems level, neuronal modelling, imaging of human brain functions, neuropsychology, and brain diseases. In addition to basic research, a number of the esearch groups are also developing applications relevant for pharmaceutical companies, for the clinic, and for novel technologies to be used in research.


The B&M Board

The chairperson of the Doctoral Program Brain & Mind in the University of Helsinki is Dr. Iiris Hovatta (since October 2016, succeeding Kai Kaila) and in Aalto University professor Lauri Parkkonen (since 2014, succeeding Riitta Hari and Kimmo Kaski). The coordinators are Dr. Katri Wegelius (Helsinki) and Dr. Jaakko Järvinen (Aalto). Contact information: